¡Relaunching the blog!

¡Hello Again! ¡We relaunch the blog the:
10th February 2011


The end of the blog

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New newspaper!

The new newspaper has arrived!
That's all!


Herbert Statue!

In the mine there is a statue of Herbert! 

This statue is the one that goes in the DS of "Herbert's Revenge" 
What do you think it means? 

Rockhopper is coming!

It can be seen from the viewpoint Rockhopper! Look: 

You can see the rockhopper tracker from here so that when it comes, may know where it is. 
See ya! 

¡New minimission!

I arrived the EPF minimisiones! Here one videoguide of how to resolve the minimission:



Advancement of the party on the Island Adventure! & Banners Adventure party!

Here is the preview:
Adventure Sneak Peek.jpegBillybob said the party will have many surprises, special rooms for members and there will be a special little surprise will be pirates, mermaids and much more! The celebration will come this Thursday! I can not wait!

New banners
New banners have arrived and are as follows!

Party Banners
true, I can not wait!